Blackwood: (856) 227-0012 | Gibbsboro: (856) 784-8300

Blackwood: (856) 227-0012 | Gibbsboro: (856) 784-8300

Toddler Program

As young learners begin to walk and talk regularly, their curiosity drives them to explore.

Toddlers Program

Program Overview

The toddler and get set classrooms foster children’s developing independence by helping them hone valuable skills, such as the abilities to collaborate and communicate. More than just daycare for toddlers, these programs are designed to develop children’s…

Our Goals For The Toddlers:

  • Language skills through comprehension games, nursery rhymes, stories, poems, fingerplays, vocabulary and one-on-one conversations
  • Physical skills by throwing, stacking, building, eye-hand coordination, climbing, hopping, creative movement and riding toys
  • Social and emotional skills through empathy, independence and sharing
  • Musical skills through singing and rhythm instruments
  • Development of creative thinking skills and encouragement of creativity through arts and crafts
  • Observation of characteristics such as colors, shapes, textures and patterns
  • Discovery of all senses and feelings to interpret the world around them